National Science Day.

IUCAA takes its research to the masses through an Open Day on February 28 every year. Anyone can visit the campus to attend and participate in popular science lectures, demonstrations, screening of scientific films, Q&A sessions etc. Work at IUCAA is showcased through a poster exhibition. A sky watching session wraps it up.
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Scientific Public Outreach Programme.

This website is for anyone interested in Science and Astronomy in particular. School children, College students, Teachers, Parents, Amateur Astronomers - all are Welcome. It has information about the various Public Programmes carried out via IUCAA's Science Centre, its Facilities, Events etc.

Teachers can find out about the educational Visits that we conduct at SciPOP. Those interested can find various Web Links, Resources, and Online Literature here. We also invite you to visit our SciToys and OBSErvatory in EducaTION pages. Here you will find some simple science experiments and projects ranging from monitoring weather (making rain gauge etc.) to making simple telescopes, spectroscopes etc.

Scipop has several inspiring programmes for Amateur Astronomers and those who wish to become one. One can also get hints on How to be an Astronomer. Details about various Astronomical Events and IUCAA news are also released for the Public and Press here.