Sky Watch for Public

An evening out at IUCAA.

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Sky Watching at IUCAA : Fridays from Sunset to ~8:30pm.

People are welcome to register for the sky show conducted on Friday evenings. Every week, we invite about 30 members of general public to participate in this. Please inform us your interest on the email or phone numbers given below. We will assign a date for your visit according to a wait list and let you know. There is no ticket and no fees are charged for any IUCAA public programme.

The event includes an introduction to the sky and identification of various stars and constellations. You can view celestial objects through a 6-inch or an 8-inch automated telescope. IUCAA graduate students also participate in this public interaction and your queries are answered.

We gather at the IUCAA Science centre 2nd floor terrace. In the winter 'Sunset' is taken to be around 6 pm while in the summer it means 7 pm. This does not include a visit to the IUCAA main campus, but those interested may visit the IUCAA Science Park by themselves before the Skywatch.

Once invited, please find your way to the IUCAA Main Gate (instructions here) on the specified date and time. You may request the security guards to inform us of your arrival. We will receive you and culminate the visit as per arrangements.

For Appointments:

Please send us a letter/e-mail with the following information :

  • Name of the requesting person/organization (if any)
  • Number of persons in group
  • Preferred date
  • Contact Telephone number / mobile / e-mail
  • Some words about the group (i.e. age, education, language preference)

For all Visits, please contact:
Samir Dhurde [ ]

Note: IUCAA is closed on Saturdays, Sundays & Central Government Holidays.