Facilities at MVS

(Muktangan Vidnyan Shodhika)

The facilities available in the building are to serve the following purposes :

a) A small auditorium where the school children are given lectures/demonstrations/ briefings, etc. preferably in small groups. The maximum capacity is 50. A screen is available for projection of slides, films, softwares etc. A stock of some of this educational material will be available in the Library and as an online resource.

b) A Library-cum-Computer centre where reading books or making/learning interesting computer programs is encouraged. An Electronic library with CDs is also being built up.

c) A workshop for experiment design and resource development activities by staff.

d) A laboratory with interesting pre-set experiments as well as possibilities for children to design their own experiments. The laboratory is well equipped for experimenting with physics, mathematics, astronomy etc.

e) A terrace where a roof-top telescope is used for night sky viewing. A small observatory houses its associated instrumentation.

The outside is a natural extension of the Exploratorium, since the MVS is located inside IUCAA's Science Park. The North Side of the park is well equipped, with efforts now on to equip the South Side also.

IUCAA's Chandrashekhar auditorium is also regularly used for various SciPoP programs by the staff