SciPoP Structure

The people behind outreach.


IUCAA SciPOP is governed by a committee of IUCAA Faculty, Staff & Students.

Feel free to contact us for more details.

Outreach commmittee for 2016.

  • Sanjit Mitra (Chairperson)

  • Samir Dhurde (Convener)

  • Ranjeev Misra

  • T. Padmanabhan

  • Somak Raychaudhuri

  • Ashok Rupner

  • Durgesh Tripathi

The people working at the Pulastya [MVS] Science Center are

  • Scientific Staff

  • Samir Dhurde

  • Visiting Staff

  • Ashok Rupner

  • Manish Jain

  • Sonal Thorve

  • Maharudra Mate