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Annuoncement of internships at the IUCAA Muktangan Vidnyan Shodhika

1. To work on video making for outreach

No. of Positions: One

Duration: One Month trial from Oct to Nov, 2021. Will be extended as per requirement, given good performance.

Eligibility: Students enrolled for First year Bachelors degree onwards. Good language skills and scientific attitude. Knowledge of cameras and recording hardware. Good familiarity with computers, especially video and sound editing software. Interested freelancers having these capacity are welcome.

Work expected: Production of new videos or editing of previously recorded events into a formatted version. Management of an online video channel.

2. For Educational & Outreach resource development

No. of Positions: One

Duration: 3 Months. Oct to Dec, 2021.

Eligibility: Student enrolled for First year Bachelors degree onwards. Excellent language skills with good scientific aptitude and good at computers. Good knowledge of software like the Office Suite (or equivalent free software) and image editing tools like Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, on personally owned computer, will be an advantage. Interested freelancers having above eligibility are welcome too.

3. For working on inclusive astronomy outreach resources

No. of Positions: One

Duration: Three Months. Oct to Dec, 2021.

Eligibility: Anyone (incl. present students) with experience in astronomy and also interacting with the visually impaired / otherwise handicapped. Good scientific aptitude and knowledge of computers will be needed.

4. For Science / Astronomy outreach

No. of Positions: Two

Duration: 6 Months. October 2021 to March, 2022.

Work expected: To drive innovation efforts of school students under IUCAA programmes like Vigyan Tarang and otehrs hosted at the institute.

Eligibility: Students enrolled for First year Bachelors degree onwards in a Science / Engineering field. Good scientific aptitude, hands-on skills with interest and patience to work with children.

Send your applications, clearly mentioning which of the above you are interested in,
along with a CV (or a writeup about yourself), to

Samir Dhurde
email -
Tel - 020-25604603


** Residents of Pune will be preferred, as IUCAA cannot provide accomodation.
** Work hours will be akin to IUCAA office hours. A possiblity of flexibility, if required, will be considered.
** Interns will have Canteen facility & an honourarium will be paid as per IUCAA norms, at the end of the work period.

Feel free to contact us for more details about any of the above & how else you can involve yourself.

Other than these intenships please do contact us [] if you are interested in voluntarily working for our various programmes.