Scipop for Educators

Cultivators of modern minds.

IUCAA SciPOP Intern positions available. See here

Science is not a boring subject and Teachers are not boring people.

This is a fact and SciPoP has taken the responsibilty to make this clear to students as well as educators!

One of our main activities is development and collection of resources for free distribution amongst progressive teachers and science popularisers who we refer to as 'Educators'. You will find a lot of these resources through the links on the menu.

The Sci-Toys link includes many science toys and experiments made in the Science Centre. Also visit our OBSErvatory in EducaTION - ObseTion pages. Here you will find some simple projects for monitoring weather (making rain gauge etc.), making simple telescopes, spectroscopes etc. These are freely available for fair use. Please do take time and click through all the links and find the most relevant things for you. Make use of all the materials that we provide on our and our associate webpages.

The IUCAA Taramandal is being lent for shows outside IUCAA. We invite teachers and science popularisers to recieve training from us to use it in their schools etc.

Feel free to contact us for more details about any of the above & how you can involve yourself.