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Use your words to highlight Science

and get read by everyone.

Do you love science-fiction? Would you want to write your own stories or poetry?

This is a challenge, to bring out the writer in you and share your creativity with the world!

The lockdown has extended quite long but it is bringing forth the creativity among us. Some people are taking up fitness challenges, some are taking up culinary challenges, while some amateur astronomers are participating in the #MoonChallenge with us.

We’re offering you an exciting opportunity to enter a free competition with a chance to get your words seen by the world as a part of ‘Sci-Fi Enterprise’ - A Science fiction Story and Poetry Competition. All you need to do is write something and send in the entry withn a month. What you write need not be about space travel or "aliens" but it should should be fiction and make sure that something of Science (eg. understood phenomenon / principle, its application etc.) is highlighted in it.

Although getting your words announced by great Scientists like Prof. Jayant. V. Narlikar is a reward in itself, we will be happy to share some of the best entries we get, on our website and social media pages. The winners will be announced in the media as well.

Detailed rules can be found << at this link >>

Please fill the form at this link to submit:

Some details: Submission opens: May 16, 2020

Submission Deadline: June 5, 2020

Evaluation and Results: June 25, 2020 (tentative)