Make a Telescope

A low-cost Small Refracting Telescope

This telescope has some few custom made items and some off the shelf picked up plastic tube material used mostly by irrigation industries.

The telescope itself, that is, the optical tube assembly of the telescope is made of the above parts and one tube. And the stand of the telescope is made mostly of plastic tubing material.  

Item no. Item Dimension Quantity
1 Achromatic lens diameter 45 mm /
focal length 45 cm
2 Lens holder   one
3 45 degree mirror   one
4 Eyepiece focal length 25 mm one
5 PVC tube for the telescope  50mm outer diameter /
35 cm long
6 Reducer 50 to 40 mm one
7 Cradle for PVC tube (item no 1) one
8 Threaded coupler 32 mm two
9 Elbow (threaded) to fit threaded coupler (item 4) one
10 Elbow to Cradle coupler   one
11 End flange for reducers (not essential) one
12 Stand pipe 32mm outer diameter / 35 cm long one
13 Wooden board 25 cm x 25 cm
(thickness about 2 cm)

The assembly of the telescope is rather very simple and can be easily carried out from the pictures given below.
The parts 1 to 4 were purchased  from Tejraj and Co in Mumbai, India and rest from local suppliers of irrigations material.

Point to be noted here is that that the end flange is not absolutely essential. One can always drill hole in the wooden plank and fix threaded coupler into it.  What is important is the PVC tube for the telescope. It's outer diameter should 50 mm and the reducer should be 50-40 mm  so that 45 degree mirror assembly can go into it. The cradle should clamp the telescope tube.
For rest of the mount one can be flexible. 

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