OBSErvatory in EducaTION

[ ob.ses.sion (əb-sĕsh'ən) : compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea ]

Often in our school and college laboratories students perform the experiment rather than do it. This generally gets them the expected answer. Whereas, the correct practice in Science should be to setup an experiment, record the observations as accurately as the measuring instruments permit, find relations between various parameters observed and recorded and then discuss the results along with the accuracy of the results.

Meteorology and Astronomy are two sciences in which a student is merely an observer; he or she can only observe the experiment happenning in Nature. These two sciences can be fruitfully exploited to inculcate a habit of setting up experiments, taking careful observations and commenting on the observations and the results.

Here we are proposing a concept of ObseTion, OBSErvatory in EducaTION. It is about setting up an observatory in schools and colleges that can be used by the students to learn to take the careful observations and analyze those. In fact ObseTion is a concept and not a physical structure, in the sense that this could be extended to other branches of science as well such as botany, geology, and so on. It can be setup even at home. The limit is ones own imagination.

The equipment for the Obsetion could be built by students with various degree of sophistication based of the ability of the students and facilities available. This process of building instruments for Obsetion in itself an educating one. The process of building or making equipment to taking actual observations to commenting on the result could be a one major project or split into series of projects.

These could be short and long term projects.  A school teacher with the help of his/her students, can start a reasonable ObseTion; for collecting the weather data such as rainfall, temperature, wind speed and direction etc.

ObseTion never stops.  These pages will always be under updation and participation of an organization or any individual is most cordially invited. All are invited to display their innovative ideas, share their experience and observations and to interact with others to discuss their problems and give answers.

Please note:
Some of the observations taken may not be as good as those taken by professional observatories but the aim here is to learn to do scientific experiments and take observations, as accurately as possible.

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