Telescope Making

Make your own telescope.

"Make your own telescope" has attracted over 350 science enthusiasts. The 5-day workshop we usually organise, is to make a 4-inch reflecting (Newtonian) telescope. We give instructions and space to work in our small Lab at IUCAA. The process involves grinding a glass blank, then mirroring, assembling and calibrating it. It gives a deeper insight into the working of telescopes.

The workshops can be undertaken whenever there are two requests in a week. In special cases amateur astronomers can also interact with us for a few weeks to grind a 15-cm (6 inch) mirror. Arrangements for a fruitful session, resulting in good telescopes, are made by the SciPOP team. Dealers in the city can be contacted directly for buying the glass, kit & mount for the telescope.

Contact: Samir Dhurde - Tel. (020) 25604603   [ ]

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Also do see the short video guide "How To Make a Reflecting type Newtonian Telescope"

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